Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Table and Chairs! Oh my!

Happy Tuesday! I have been forever working on refinishing a dining table and six chairs and have finally started to see progress which i cannot wait to show you!
But first let me fill you in on this wonderful table... Last January a lady that I work with was moving and no longer needed such a large dining table, one conversation led to another and she told me that i could have it free of charge - all i had to do was come pick it up! This is a solid oak table that is nearing 25 years old, it has two leafs, six chairs, and what i thought was white washed blonde oak.

So with the help of my dad we loaded the table and all of it's components in to the truck and brought them home! I was very excited about the project and began to strip it right away. I found that the wood was painted a tan color then white washed and finally sealed, but it was nothing a little Jasco couldn't get through. This set has lots of detail and groves that were time consuming to strip, and after two chair my motivation began to dwindle. Now there was a huge dining set occupying our garage [for months and months] and my sweet husband at one point even offered to purchase me any tools I may need to help complete the project.

As the spring months transitioned into summer and then into fall I realized I needed to start making progress by my December Deadline [so that we could hold Christmas at our house]. Burnt out on the chairs I started again but this time on the table. I striped, sanded, sanded some more, and tried out three different stains to find the right one.. but TA DA! I completed the table just in time! And I found a fabulous fabric to reupholster the chairs!

Now I'm not 100% complete as i still have four more chairs to strip and stain, and put my final coat of polyurethane on the table top - but i am getting there!