Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Okay so my first semester in college I took the basic fashion class they had to offer [obviously it stuck], and my love for fashion only grew from that point on. During those first few semesters my teacher at the time became obsessed with a new show and it became a weekly discussion in class - that show was Project runway. I have been a faithful project runway watcher - following it season to season and never missing an episode! I always look forward to the new season of fresh designers, Michael Kors' critiques and Tim Gun's "make it work", and you cannot imagine how excited I was when they launched the new season of Project Runway All Stars - especially because Mondo is a designer they brought back!

However, I was thoroughly disappointed when I sat down to watch only to find that there was no Tim, no Heidi, and completely new judges. AND to top it off Mondo didn't even win the first episode. He is really the only one I am rooting for on here, and if he loses again [when he totally should have already won two seasons ago] I might just start to lose faith in Project Runway. I mean he made a dress out of garbage bags, electrical tape, and cowboy hats ALL from the dollar store! I <3 him.

Do YOU watch project runway?

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