Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chanel Storage Bin

So a while back I feel in love with this photo on pinterest:

It led to a story on Yatzer featuring The House of DJ Pil Marques in Brazil. Pretty amazing house! 

Anyhoo I LOVED the industrial steel drum turned to chic Chanel side table- I knew that this was going to happen in our home!

I think that I forgot about it for a while, then we got this cool vintage hi fi stereo system for our entry way living room/dining room turned entry way and it replaced a little side table with storage basket that I used for all of our dog stuff. We have three dogs so there is a decent amount of leashes, collars, shirts, jackets, bandanas, and so on. I was at a loss for where to put all this stuff - I wanted something more stylish than just a basket and then the light bulb went off! 

I looked on line for a steel drum - the one in the picture is a 55 gallon drum which is HUGE! But they also make 10 gallon drums that was the perfect size. The cheapest price online was Amazon but surprisingly enough there is steel drum company only 10 miles from my house! AND their price beat Amazon's! Woo hoo!

I picked it up, used a can of flat black spray paint to pain the white lid and give the glossy black body a once over so it was matte too. 

I created a template on my Silhouette Machine using a font that was the closest I could find to the unique Chanel No 5 font:

Printed out on white vinyl and put it on my cute little drum!

It is the perfect storage for our dog accessories, the lid just sits on top of it so it is super easy to open, and is the perfect place for Z's backpack when he gets home from work! :)

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