Friday, June 20, 2014

Tea Cup Candles [Baby Shower Favors]

Hello!! <3 Before my sister even got pregnant she said that she wanted to have a tea party themed baby shower, so when she finally announced she was going to have a baby naturally I though of a Tea Party Theme for her shower! You can view pictures of the shower Here!
For the favors I made tea cup candles which are something I had seen on Pinterest multiple times and thought they would be perfect. They are actually quite simple - a little time consuming but VERY easy! :)

Before I got started I found a great webstore on Ebay for my wax, scents, and candle wicks.  I purchased the coloring from Michael's Craft Store. I really loved the wax because it was flakes rather than a hard block which melted down so much easier. 

First, I prepped all of my thrift store tea cups by washing them. I then put the wicks in the cups and used hot glue to adhere them. My wick holders are coffee sticks taped together to keep them wicks in place when pouring the wax. Trim the wick about an inch above the cup - you can trim it down one they are done!

I also placed the cups in a cardboard box trimmed down to make clean up easier incase I made a mess while pouring ;)

Then using a double broiler I started to melt the wax -

Once the wax was melted I turned off the heat and addd the coloring and stirred it until it melted too.

I let the wax rest for about ten minutes before adding the scent, then I poured! 

They dried for about 24 hours before I removed the wick holders and trimmed the wicks. 

These would be a great gift, favor, or even perfect for just because!

What do you think!?


  1. LOVE IT!!! They turned out sooo cute!

  2. Very beautiful baby shower favors. I especially love those cute DIY candles a lot. Gratitude for sharing these ideas here. I also have to attend a shower at LA venues and was thinking to help my cousin with decoration part so these candles are just perfect.