Friday, August 30, 2013

Leopard, Camo, Dots.. Oh my!

So prints are MAJOR this season. Every magazine and store has all sorts of leopard, camo, polka dots, chevron, and my favorite - aztec/southwestern. I am literally obsessed with it. All of the fun colors and designs makes the sweaters so versatile. Don't get me wrong - I still have my fair share of camo and leopard print jackets but I cannot seem to get enough of the aztec! 
How do you feel about prints? 

I love this sweater from - It sold out but my fingers crossed it will come back:
This is the Capitana Caridgan from Sparrow (at Anthropologie)
It was featured on the Cotton - Fabric of our lives with Hayden Panettiere.

This is a Ruana- a new term to me :) - from Target.
It is even more beautiful on than featured on the website. I found it on sale yesterday for just under $18.00! Woo! 

Are you big on prints this season too - or not a fan?