Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bling Blong

I love all things that are sparkly and glittery. I mean what girl doesn't!? Over the years I have rhinestoned everything from drum sticks to my phone, and even to my college graduation cap. So when an opportunity to bedazzle comes along - it cannot be passed up and when Z's new computer arrived it was the same size as mine [newer and much shinier]. I knew we would need an easy way to distinguish them to avoid grabbing the wrong one while rushing out the door, and I had just the way!
Rhinestones of course!
Bedazzling is super easy to do. I used Amazing Goop Glue, Rhinestones in assorted sizes from the craft store, and handy dandy tweezers.

My favorite glue to use [but I was out of it] is called E4000 Glue. Its only available at craft stores - home depot and lowes do not carry it anymore due to the fact that it has components that *may* cause cancer. Thats why from this point on in my crafting adventures it will be referred to as Cancer Glue.

Anyhoo after a couple of hours of layout and careful placement using tweezers my computer was now fabulous!


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