Monday, January 9, 2012

Doilies?! Oh yeah!

Of the many, many, many things that I love, one of them is taking something old and fitting it into our modern life. Today this particular item is what you ask? Well doilies of course, hence our week end adventures to thrift stores! I remember when I was little having to always remove the doilies off of dresser tops and end tables to shake out when I dusted, and believe me - I hated them! Then as time when on and my mom modernized the house the doilies seemed to disappear and I really hadn't thought about them much until I saw this post:
[you will have to copy and paste the link - I still cant figure out how to make it clickable]

AND I totally and completely fell in LOVE!!!

Annnnd since I have a newly refinished table that I wrote about a few weeks back I figured it was time to but out the doilies. I only found one that my grandmother made [and will try to find more from her next time I visit my parents house], and the rest I found that the local antique store. :)

After I brought all of my doilies home, I hand washed them with a little detergent and luke warm water and dried them on low. Once they were totally dry I ironed and starched them.

Then laid them out on the table to help find a lay out I liked! It took rearranging a few times to get them to lay how I wanted, then I hand stitched them together in all of the points where they overlapped. I made small stitches so that they aren't visible from the top of the runner and TA DA!

I have a few more that I am working on and will be posting on Etsy soon! <3

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