Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shellac it up!

It was been a while since I have talked about a product that I love so I figured it was time! Back in November 2011 I accidentally smashed my hand in the car door. Im still not totally sure how it happened, but it hurt and broke the skin and turned my nail all black and blue. Luckily at the time it happened I had a fresh new Shellac manicure, bummer because my mani was new, but on the upside I think the shellac actually helped to protect my nail!
I can spends hours (literally) walking around the drug store looking at new nail products, polishes, and any other new technology in the beauty world. Which means I have tried countless nail products and this is one of my favorites! I love it almost as much as the nail strips I wrote about a few months back [even though they are spendy they are more cost effective than the shellac manicure]. Anyhoo back on track -
The specific shellac i am in love with
It is called CND Shellac and is available at most nail salons, and if you are patient you can even purchase the three step process online and do it at home with a uv light.
What to expect when you go to the salon: They start it off like a regular manicure, soak and clean your cuticles, file nails, and moisturize, then start the process. Shellac goes on just like nail polish, first there is a base coat, two coats of color, and a top coat. The nails are cured in the UV light after every coat which makes for a lengthy process but it is totally worth it! After all four coats are applied and cured they use alcohol to remove the buil up that occurs on the nail and then you are totally done! There is no additional dry time or any worry of bumping and smudging a nail! And the best part [drum roll please] the Shellac lasts atleast 14 days with out chipping!

I have tried other gel/shellac manicures and this by far is my favorite!