Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beauty Time

Once again my obsession of all things beauty has lead me on another journey. The backstory to how this all began: I cut off all my hair six months or so ago. Like really cut it off, like boy short. And because my hair was so short I couldn't justify spending $70 plus dollars on getting my hair colored [even though my hair dresser is amazing]. I knew that she used a Demi-Permanent color on my hair, which basically means that it lasts longer than the semi permanent that comes in a box at every generic drug store but it will fade slightly so there isn't that horrible line of color that separates your roots from the colored hair like the permanent does.
So, after trying a few semi permanent hair colors I wasn't impressed, I stayed away from anything that contained the ammonia but I felt they faded too quickly and was concerned about drying my hair out with continued use. I ventured down to the local Sally's Beauty Supply and bought this:

Don't forget the gloves and bottle to mix the solutions in. Once I mixed the products together I applied it to my hair in sections (which is still painfully short) and let it to sit for about 30 minutes. I recommend setting a timer, as I easily lose track of time. Once the time was up I rinsed, deep conditioned with Coconut Oil, washed and conditioned, and finally styled as normal.
The results were fabulous! My hair was soft, shiny, and looked really rich in color! And the total cost was less than $15.00!
I would highly recommend it to any one that has a simply all over color dye job on their hair. Don't get me wrong I would NEVER attempt to bleach or highlight my hair but I will definitely continue to color my hair myself until it is back to being long again!

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