Thursday, February 9, 2012

Operation Pie Safe!

So a few months back I acquired this great piece of furniture:

Its an antique pie safe! It was originally used for storing pies and to keep the flies away, hence the punched tin sides.

I fell absolutely in love with the piece of furniture - not totally sure what I was going to use it for yet, but knew that I had to have it! So it has been living in our spare room for the past few months and now I am ready to put it to use. I have been seeing craft hutches and cabinets all over Pinterest and think it is such a good idea to keep all crafting supplies in once place. Since the pie safe has glass doors, I figured it would make great storage for all of my sewing and crafting accessories. The inside shelving is a little worn down and the piece definitely needs some love. At first I was debating painting it because I though a light buttercream color would compliment it well but after talking with Z [he really likes the wood color of it] I decided to attempt a restore rather than a refinish.
I went to Home Depot today and bought 220 fine sand paper and this:

It is supposed to stain, steal, and protect the wood. Im hoping it adds richness to the wood while maintaining some of its original beauty! I spent almost an hour on the stain aisle today google-ing different brands of stain and restore products and the Watco had really good reviews from people who have used it for years and years. Plus they said it is fool proof! Guess I cannot go wrong!

I always seem to want to start projects when no one is around to help me move furniture into the garage - so as soon as Z gets home I will start the project and let you know how it goes!



  1. I inherited a pie safe nearly identical to this one. The only difference is there are two drawers instead of the one, and the windows are arched. Everything else (tin designs, color, key holes, etc) is exactly the same. I found your page trying to inquire information on this piece of furniture. Do you happen to know anything about it? (approx age, maker, etc)?
    Any info is greatly appreciated :)

    1. Hi! There is a stamp on the back of it and I believe that it is from the late 1800's.. I will look when I get home and let you know exactly what is says. I did google when I first purchased it but didn't have much luck. My email is feel free to shoot me your email and I will send you the info i have :) Thanks!