Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quick & Easy DIY Candle Gift

This year was my sister's first Mother's day being a mom! Her little sweetpea is 6 weeks old so I wanted to get her something to celebrate the day - even though she is not MY mom! 

Then I had the idea to customize something just for her  and thought a candle would be perfect. I picked up a sweet smelling one from Target [of course] - I really like their candles because the labels tend to peel off easily and in one piece with out any extra help. I would recommend testing a corner in the store to be safe - that way you don't have to use goo gone or hot water on a brand new candle.

I cleaned the surface with alcohol and created a template on my Silhouette Machine:

Then printed out with vinyl and applied it to my candle:

I used the Martha Stewart Glass Etching Cream that I used here. When it was ready I wiped it off annnnnnnd:

I was super happy with it and my sister LOVED! This would make a great gift for any occasion and cost less than $10!


  1. Very cute! When I try to etch, the design usually ends up weird and feathery.


    1. Thank you! I left the cream of for almost 45 minutes. Its the only way I can get it to be even and consistent. If I leave on for the instructed time then it is weird especially around the lines of the stencil. :)