Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gold Leaf Flower Pots!

In case you haven't noticed I am OBSESSED with gold - honestly its seems to be everywhere right now in our house and when I saw these amazing gold leaf terra cotta pots on this website I knew I needed to make them. She did an amazing job right?!!

Terra cotta pots are relatively inexpensive so I bought like a dozen of them, one pack of gold leaf foils and then the adhesive. I had enough to make all of my pots and even some left over!
The adhesive is called "Size" which was slightly confusing when I was buying it. 

Then I put a layer using a foam brush on the pot - The instructions say to wait until the size is dry - it becomes tacky however the terra cotta is so porous I applied the gold leaf instantly:

I did a few here and there until:

And then filled them with succulents (the only thing that seems to thrive under my care)

All done! 

They are all mis matched and the foil is in random places on a few but they add a nice little sparkle to our front patio! 

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