Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pinterest to the Garage

In the words of my husband, Z, I like to bring Pinterest to our garage. I wish that statement was false, but it is not.. In fact it is VERY true. I have the habit of deciding to start a project then procrastinating and putting it off taking my sweet time to finish it. SO when I found this cute little couch on good ol' craigslist - 

I knew we needed it. I have been looking for a love seat/ double wide chair for our office but everything I have found was at least $600+. But this little guy was only $40! 
I immediately contacted the seller and it was still available! So that night I talked to Z to get his take on it, and as always he 100% supports my adventures, even though I have no knowledge in reupholstering furniture. It can't be that hard right? 
BUT because my track record seems with finishing projects is pretty slow moving I gave him my word that I would have this project done in 90 days! 

Today is day 60!

The first thirty days I didn't make much progress [procrastination at its best] but in the last thirty I have!
I have the whole thing almost down to its bare shell. 
Only the arms to remove. Annnd from all of my research this is the hardest part because of the million staples. 

I have ordered fabric samples and I'm off to get new foam - so hopefully in 30 days I will have a newly reupholstered love seat to show you! 
I will also be posting two step by step tutorials on how to remove the existing fabric/foam and attach new - tufts and all! 



  1. Good morning! Wow, it's nice to meet a fellow procrastinor - my spelling sucks! Good luck with your big project! It's always fun when the hubby is on board even when they wonder what the heck are we thinking! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Can't wait to see how this turns out! Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop! Happy to be following along with you! Hope to see you back next week!