Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh emm geeeee.... I am so happy it is friday!

Oh emm geeeee

I am so happy it is friday!
This week has gone really well -  I was able to post a few great projects I have been working on, made progress on a few others, AND co-hosted my very first linky party! Oh annnnd I rediscovered the world of twitter [apparently my account was deleted due to major inactivity]. 

On wednesday I even completed my mission impossible task - i was on my way pick up the kid from practice [my REAL job is a personal assistant/house manager/nanny]  when I got a call and had to run home real quick after- no big deal right?! Wrong! I had a pie in the oven that had 19minutes 43 seconds left!  Luckily work and home are not too far away - and i made it home and back to work and the pie was only a little brown. :)
So anyhoo back to my original thought. I am glad it is friday! Today i have had to deal with a lie, a broken window shade, and a huge leak upstairs that is leaking down to the lower floor! Yikes! Repair man is here currently so hopefully it is almost fixed. 

One more hour! Oh and the best part - next Wednesday, Z and I will be on our way to NYC- Holler!


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