Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh so thats how its done!

I am completely obsessed with so many different products right now! However, currently my most favorite is Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips!

I seriously cannot get enough of them. At first I was skeptical as I have tried other versions of these nail "stickers" and they either don't stick or peel off incredibly fast. But these nail strips are completely worth the $8.50 for 16 strips! They have so many bright colors and fun prints that are great for going out or for a long weekend in which you don't want to worry about having perfectly manicured fingers.
The packaging/ads claim they last at least 10 days, I find that I generally get about 7-10 days out of them. Inside each little box are two packs of the strips, the trick is to only open one pack at a time and to use one strip for two nails. [The strips are definitely long enough to accommodate this.] That way you get two full nail sets for the price of one!
It is literally as simple as peel, stick, and file and then you are done! There is ZERO drying time so no chance of smudging at all. My only complaint is that they do not have dark colors yet, I'm holding out in hopes they release new colors for fall/winter 2011.

Today I put on the "It Girl" color and it is an amazing shade of bright pink! I recommend the leopard print, the gold glitter, and to definitely give them a shot for yourself! <3

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  1. and you can get them on during your ten minute break at work ;)