Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Obsessed! [Again]

Okay so yes, I know I obsesses on things such as that gold tray from Target, but sometimes these obsessions just don't every go away... I mean we are talking years, YEARS, here. So back in 2009 Gwen Stefani was on the cover of Glamour magazine looking amazing in this bright pink oversized sweater. I instantly fell in love!! 

I emailed Glamour and they did get back to me but there was a bit of the delay - so the sweater was sold out by the time I found out who it was by... Major sad face.

Honestly it probably was for the better at the sweater was by Alexander McQueen and almost $400! 
Never the less my obsession continued and every once in a while I would check online for it - no luck.

UNTIL it appeared on eBay from a seller in London who had only worn it a few times and I won it! It ended up costing me less than $100 and the best part is that it is even better in person than it looked in the picture. 
I am one happy girl!

Has this good luck happened to you??


  1. That is such a happy story! I love it when clothes have a fun story of how you acquired them. I don't have any stories quite like that--though I have tried to go back to a store to get something and they didn't have it any more. I learned my lesson!

    1. Thank you! Yes I am very happy!! Trust me I have gone back plenty of times to be disappointed.. but still have not learned my lesson lolz :)