Friday, October 5, 2012

New Decor

So this past week Z and I have decided to completely redecorate our home. We I have filled the space with a bit of randomness here and there. It was time to clean house - literally- and start over! Sooo we got rid of the bed in the spare room, our old coffee table, our dining table (yes, the one i refinished - it turned out to be too big in our home), and a lounge chair that we never sit in. Most of the items went on craigslist to put into our new furniture fund and a few large bags went to good will! With that being said the once office is now going to be Z's home studio (we bought an awesome desk!!!), we ordered amazing lounge chairs that will not arrive until January to fill the space that was once a dining room, and the spare room is now the office/sewing room. 
 [I WILL post pictures once everything is complete and our furniture arrives]

The office/ sewing room is where my pie safe with all of my crafting supplies live and it is where my love seat that is currently being reupholstered will be too! I want to create a fun and chic space that I can work from and enjoy too. A few months back I saw this photo from the 

And fell in LOVE!! I knew there was a reason I saved all of my old designer bags!! 
I figured this was the perfect time to finally make my version of this - so off to Ikea I went - they have a great selection of frames that are wood with glass and a great deal!

I immediately started putting them together:
(dont mind the messy couch)

Once I had them all framed I laid them out on the newly empty dining room floor to get the placement:

And then I measured all around them and the space between and then very carefully put nails and picture hangers in the wall. I used two spaced two inches apart as all of the frames had wire on the back - which made leveling a breeze!!
I had a really hard time capturing a good picture - Im not sure if it was the lighting from the window or lack there of but....

I am super happy with the result and cannot wait to have my little love seat beneath it with a cool rug and side table! 

Tres Chic


  1. wow, that is such a cool idea!
    you're right. i always save my old designer shopping bags too (not that i have a whole bunch of them,haha). definitely pinning this to pinterest so i don't forget!
    oh and i'm following your blog today!


    1. Thank you for stopping by!! I'm glad you liked them- I am super happy with how they turned out!! And the best part is that I can easily add more if I get more!

  2. i saw that picture on pinterest and loved it but love your take on it :D thanks for linking up for the aloha friday hop :)

  3. What a cute idea! I've never thought of doing something like that before :o)

    Thanks for joining Keep Calm & Link Up last week! We're thrilled you chose to party with us!

    xo, Meredith @

  4. Wow. Tres Chic is right! I wish I had more designer bags because I am loving this so much!

    1. Thank yoU! I have been saving them for years!! I hope to add to them as time goes on! :)

  5. Very fun! I wish I had somewhere for a gallery wall! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party!

  6. Such a cool idea! Love it!!

    Following along now :)